The new iPad Mini 2 rumors, price is the focus

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iPad Mini 2 shell

Rumors that the iPad mini 2 will have a clearer picture with 2048×1536 pixel display screen is 7.9 inches. iPad mini 2 will use A5X processor it? Or the possibility of getting bigger.

Doug Freedman, analyst at Royal Bank of Canada Capital Markets (RBC Capital Markets) in 2012 to access the chip manufacturing plant in China, he said, “according to the news of the Tokyo television network (TXN), iPad mini second generation has begun to assemble a and is likely to have several new suppliers. ”

iPad Mini 2 shell
In February, the legendary the iPad mini 2 shell photo appeared on the Internet, the figure shows the iPad mini silver shell. Figure, most people are aware of the housing, the Apple logo and text is the sky blue, instead of the classic black. Apart from the color aside, the more important information is shown in this picture, it carries equipment with iPad mini now than it will be thicker.

Apple iPad updated to Retina screen, its thickness slightly point increase, so a thicker shell iPad mini 2 means that the new iPad mini will also use the Retina screen.

iPad Mini release date
Taking into account the higher-definition display project will begin in the second half of 2013, so the iPad the mini 2 release date will not be late in the second half of 2013? Is it also possible to iPad 5 in April with a modified version with the first release? However, the latter seems unlikely.

KGI Securities (KGI Securities) Financial Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo announced an Apple product launches in 2013, shown in the table, iPad mini 2 will be on sale at the end of this year.

The technology website BGR published a series of reports to support this judgment, said it will catch up with the Christmas shopping season.

iPad Mini 2 display
iPad 4 with Retina display, the next generation of mini should also use the Retina, or a similar technology.

This iPad mini biggest criticism is that it is low pixel 1024 x 768 display. The critics do not understand why Apple is not starting from the first-generation iPad mini Retina display, said to a large extent with the pace of product launches.

Some people think that Apple started releasing low-level configuration, so that the next time updated when there is more room for improvement. The iPad mini product issues seem to have can be used to explain this theory.

It is said to be coming iPad mini retina display has 2048×1536 pixels, is the the iPad mini 1024×798 screen 2 times higher than the iPad 4 264ppi pixel density.

February 2013 reported that the iPad mini Retina display has already begun production. Allegedly it will have a pixel density of 324ppi. As we can see on the iPad 4, better display means a bulky products? The rumors say that is not the case, because the screen is IGZO display technology (amorphous IGZO channel layer material used in the new generation of thin-film transistor technology).

iPad Mini 2 price
When the first release of the iPad mini difficult to produce, will be priced at $ 329, the report said. Indeed, the shipment is still very slow.

Only to the iPad mini become so small due to the use of the new GF DITO touch technology, which was one of its main technical difficulties.

AU Optronics Corp. (AU Optronics) the iPad mini LCD panel manufacturers, had called for such a small screen too bitter, so if the iPad mini 2 really using the Retina screen or similar technology, in turn will make production supplier headache.

However, AU Optronics also said they have to solve the panel some problems, such as light leakage problem.
So the Retina screen iPad mini 2 will prices pushed up it? It may take two products in the form of screen Retina and non-Retina screen to reduce the basic price.