Ali Cloud OS will be available on April 15th

by Rosgani 0


A few days ago there is a new about Alibaba will acquire a domestic mobile phone brand, and recently, Alibaba’s cloud OS has been announce on its official micro blogging, they has released a number of pictures in a row, it seems they trying to show their new products and will be announce on the big event in near future.

As early as the end of March, Ali cloud OS, thas been announced on their microblogging account,  they showing the picture of their new smartphone that already built.
The Cloud OS becoming the hot news in recent months, and then let all the curious people first glimpse of clues.  And today we can see the three picture that represent about the Ali Clooud OS.

Some analyst saying about that picture, the first picture is Alibaba Logo, while the second picture is refers to the date of Ali Cloud OS launching date is on April 15th, and the third picture is telling about the place that lauching event will be held in Beijing.

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