Android Tablet sales has successfully beat iPad sales

by Rosgani 0


Apple’s iPad has just lost its dominance in the market, at least in the first quarter of 2013. For the first time, sales of Android tablet beat the Apple’s iPad sales.

In a report released by IDC, it was revealed that there are currently 49.2 million tablets have been marketed. And of that number, 27.8 million units are Android tablets. While the iPad is ‘just’ as much as 19.5 million units.

To note, the Android tablet on the market is an accumulation of all the brand value. So, in general, Apple’s iPad is still the most popular tablet brand. Samsung managed to sell their tablet as much as 8.8 million units.

Meanwhile, Windows Tablet also have increased quite good. While the previous period is only got 0.2 percent and now increased to 3.3 percent.

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