Motorola Android smartphone sneak personal data

by Rosgani 0


If you’re using Android smartphone from Motorola, it seems to be a bit wary. This is because, according to a security engineer, Ben Lincoln, several smartphones from Motorola known to transmit sensitive user data information to the company.

In his confession, Lincoln said that he was using Motorola Droid X2 smartphone. Furthermore, Lincoln revealed that the majority of user personal data is sent from the smartphone to the company through the HTTP channel. He also found that the data is sent in the form of username, password, email address, GPS data from photos and other personal information.

Lincoln said that the email address he used Facebook and Twitter to be sent to the company. Furthermore the password of the email is sent through HTTPS network that makes it difficult for in-intercept in the middle of the transmit.

In addition, many other types of personal information collected by Motorola smart phone. For more details, Lincoln has write this information on following link. The Motorola or Google as the owner of Motorola has not given a statement related to this case.