Design Sketch of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is leaked

by Rosgani 1


While we are waiting for the next generation of Galaxy Note 3 smartphone lauched by Samsung is now we have a leaked sketch about the Galaxy Note 3 smartphone.

According the SIM Only Radar website has been unveiled the skecth of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the leaked information through SIM Only Rada, the Galaxy Note 3 or has number model SM-N900, a model number that is heavily rumored to be for the international Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The sketch is looks similar to the Galaxy S4, but has more better specifications.

The sketch suggests that the device will be using a 13 megapixel camera with Xenon flash, packs with a 5.7-inch Super AMOLED display, and two different processor chip sets including the Exynos 5 Octa and the Snapdragon 800. All of this is not out of the question and has been rumored to be on board the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

There is also a benchmark test result and the display of up to 33,082 points also impressive. Running Android 4.2.2 but seems that phones will be running Android 4.3 for the final release.

According to the latest exposure of foreign websites SIMOnlyRadar design sketches and some functional specifications, the Samsung GALAXY Note 3 will be ultra-narrow frame design, and the phone’s overall appearance is similar to the Samsung GALAXY S4 with 5.7 inches full HD resolution FHD Super AMOLED touch screen, and will adopt a new diamond pixel structure. As for the processor as part and rumors, there will be eight-core Exynos 5 Octa Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and 800 processors in two versions.

It is worth mentioning that, the Samsung GALAXY Note 3 This will greatly enhance the phone’s camera, the camera will not only upgrade to 13 million pixels, and will also join the Xenon flash and a dedicated shutter button, combined with rumors of optical image stabilization function in the overall camera performance will fully beyond the Samsung GALAXY S4.

According to South Korean media had disclosed the news that Samsung is testing several versions of the GALAXY Note 3. These versions will have adopted the same hardware, but including camera, touch screen materials and other aspects of the body material is different. Among them, the machine’s touch screen is essentially determined in 5.68 inches to 5.7 inches, but will use three different panels, including a flexible screen, AMOLED screen, as well as Sharp’s IGZO and so on.

Specifically, the Samsung GALAXY Note 3 there will be a premium version, which features the use of flexible screens and metal body, built-in 13 million pixel camera, will adopt a limited way on sale. The second version of the machine is also built 13 million pixel camera, but uses a plastic case and AMOLED screen. In contrast, the third version in addition to the touch screen panel for LCD replacement, other configurations without any changes. As for the fourth edition is the most expensive version, using the plastic casing, built-in 8-megapixel camera and LCD screens.
It is reported that Samsung will may be held on September 4 this year’s launch officially launched GALAXY Note 3.

[via SIM Only Radar]