Meizu MX3 will sports with 32GB of storage for $408 USD price tag

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After we’ve covered the leaked wooden design mockup of Meizu MX3 yesterday, the rear edge of the unique curved design still embodies a lot of new ideas.

Meizu boss J.Wong under both disclosure statement at the forum, the upcoming Meizu MX3 useful in the design to focus on really, and power and heat have a better optimization.
Renderings exposure
The exposure on the Meizu MX3 renderings are not the official version, but according to the conference invitation, thee is a wooden design mockup of  Meizu MX3 smartphone. However, according to the folk who seen thre real machine of Meizu MX3 smartphone said, the new Meizu MX3 renderings more refined and delicate.

Prior to this, the various media Meizu has been officially sent out invitations. But very different from the past is that this invitation is MX3 J.Wong handmade wooden models, and the slogan was “A nice big screen phone.” The industry speculation, this by J.Wong handmade wooden prototype should be the MX3 final look.

Better use of the large-screen phone
According to the Meizu forum J.Wong speak Meizu MX3 will bigger than a circle, but feel good, while equipped Flyme 3.0 UI system is great, is very comfort for one-handed operation is also very convenient. And for everyone’s attention to the problem of power and heat, J.Wong said has a good optimization.

Meanwhile J.Wong wooden phone mockup are also sending the media to get more information, such as Meizu MX3 derived by measuring the thickness of 9.1mm around the body, the touch screen size is about 5.0 inches, while the shape of the fuselage not much different with MX2 model, but compared to the whole big circle, as the edge of the fuselage has a more significant part of the arc process, allegedly so can bring a better feel.

Samsung Exynos 5410 eight-core processor
It is worth mentioning that there are another info about the Meizu MX3 will be equipped with the Exynos 5410 this processor is same as the processor that used on Galaxy S4 (Meizu does not exclude any other model name) processor. Therefore, J.Wong speech at the forum, said that Meizu MX3 in power and heat generation aspects are optimized.

As Meizu MX3’s camera configuration, messages are claimed after the upgrade to 13 million pixels, and uses Sony ‘s sensor, but Meizu senior Nan speech in the forum hopes on the sensor pixel size, and white balance algorithm optimization, so netizens speculated that the phone may continue to using 8 megapixel camera configuration, but the photo quality will be greatly improved.

Currently, Meizu will be officially announced on September 2nd at  Water Cube in Beijing. According to industry speculation, Meizu MX3 will bring s Flyme 3.0 UI system was officially launched at this conference, as the price of the phone may be the 32GB or 64GB version version will offers with 2499 yuan ($408 USD) and  2699 yuan ($440 USD) per unit.