User in China can buy drink through WeChat apps

by Rosgani 0


WeChat applications really become one of the most popular messenger application in China. And to move closer to the wearer, WeChat was just spreading into the 300 unit of vending machine specifically used for the WeChat user.

WeChat just deploy as many as 300 vending machines in some stations in Beijing. The vending machine also allows users to take a drink using WeChat apps. Regarding payment, WeChat users can use mobile payment services integration that has just presented in such applications. And of course, consumers also can buy drinks at the vending machine normally.

WeChat users who pay online also can get a drink at a cheaper price. If the drink is usually appreciated ranged between 3 to 5 yuan, then through WeChat apps, the consumers could pay as little as 1 yuan.

The company behind the project is Ubox, which we also saw testing out mobile payments for vending machines way back in 2011. Ubox has the nod from Tencent, makers of WeChat, for its latest endeavour.