ViVo Xplay3S is exposure with external camera accessories

by Rosgani 0

ViVo Lense-01

After we’ve covered the news about the upcoming ViVo XPlay3S smartphone, is now we have another news that the Vivo Xplay3S smartphone will come with a new accessories.
ViVo Lense-02
The new ViVo Xplay3S accessories is the external camera that attach to the phone, and has a similar design with Sony DSC-QX10, DSC-QX100 lense. You can attach the camera to ViVo device and taking a picture through this accessories.

According to media exposure, the Vivo camera can be using to manually adjust the focus, and has a ViVo logo on the lense body. On the parameters, the actual focal length is f = 6.0-42.5mm, F2.4 constant aperture, the actual imaging results also being unknown. Also can work alone with the Sony DSC-QX10, DSC-QX100 compared to what features will increase, there is more information to be broke.