Nubia UI 2.0, the new interface in Nubia X6 smartphone

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Nubia X6-compare-01

Nubia X6 has been officially release, the conference is held in Beijing. The phone is very powerfull since powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, not only that, the phone is also running the new Nubia UI 2.0.
Nubia Price-01
Sports with three hardware options, the user can choose between 2GB or 3GB of RAM, the screen is extremly large with 6.4 inch screen size with CGS display technology and covered with Cirning Gorilla Glass. There is also has 13 megapixel camera with optical image stabilization and has 4250 mAh battery capacity.
The caera is also support by software that pre-installed with NeoVision 3.5 camera system, this software can make the picturemore batter to boost the image quality, as well as comparable to DSLR camera, this phone can take the nicght shoot with awesome picture.
Nubia Network-03
The phone is built with full CNC process, and the phone is work with TDD-Lte and FDD-Lte network and support for 4G network connection.

The phone has 7.9mm slim styling body and new has nubiArc designed specifically for the big screen big arc back 3.0 :

Nubia Slim

Nubia X6 is uses 6.4-inch Sharp 1080P CGS screen display accuracy up to 344 ppi, the display screen is more pure, and supports color temperature adjustment; the screen is covered Corning Gorilla Glass and OGS 3rd generation full fitting process, this make the phone is slim but strength.

Nubia Slim3

Here is the picture:

Here is the video :