Koobee’s “mysterious” device that passed benchmark test with 40,000 points to be released on April 25

by Frank Tu 0

Although the news that the Vivo Xshot got 40,000 points in the benchmark test has not been verified, Shenzhen Oudu Lifang announced on their official Weibo account that they might release a mysterious “device” that got more than 40,000 points in its benchmark test and that it will run on an octa-core processing chip.


       Indeed, Oudu Lifang has been getting ready to put new octa-core product on the market, which some saying could be the Cube TALK69, which will also be the first product to be powered by the octa-core MTK6592 with a main frequency of 2GHz. Everyone knows that the basic framework of the MT8392 is similar to the MT6592. The idol X+ got about 33,000 points, so if the TALK69 is this “mysterious device,” then it is very doubtful that it got more than 40,000 points.


If it is, then the TALK69 should have 2GB of RAM, a 7 inch IPS screen with a 1920×1200 resolution, and many other features.


Tablet companies releasing octa-core products has become an interesting phenomenon in the last several years. Most of these have copied mobile phones by running on a 1.7GHz main frequency and a MTK6592 octa-core chip.


We can’t wait for them to say the price.


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