MediaTek 64-bit processor For the Next Nexus –Revolutionary low cost phone?

by Frank Tu 0

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The question at hand was will Google be working towards an affordable Nexus device-the one that would replace the chip manufactured by Qualcomm to the one made by MediaTek. The answer is here-The chip is with the capability of sporting a 64-bit architecture with 4 or 8 cores.

After having disclosed the 64 bit product a few months ago, they appear to be ready for prime time. As stated in Taiwan’s Economic Daily, the makers of the chip are ecstatic with the deal and are positive that this could be their key to reach out to new vendors who would be instrumental in launching the devise in the Western World. In the interim, it is truly remarkable to have a chip housed inside a Nexus device.

Currently there aren’ t many handset manufacturers that are betting on MediaTek-made gear-which includes the likes of Sony and HTC. If used at all, it is only their low cost machines in the world’s emerging markets that use these products.

MediaTek may find its way into the West in a colossal way.

The forthcoming nexus phone is reported to be prices at 100 USD. The question however remains is that with it being at this price point ,will it be only the rapidly growing economies that will be its market or will it have a global availability. The test of time shall reveal if this low cost nexus will aid Google in developing its reach among the price conscious consumers or not.