The XYZ X2 to enter the market, photos leaked

by Frank Tu 0

XYZ’s newest phone, the X2 will soon be sold in stores, just half a year since the Z1 was released. Information and photos of the new phone have already been released online.

Reports have said that the X2 will be 8.2mm thick and 2.5mm wide and photos seem to support this. The X2 seems to be designed more compact than the X1 and Z1. There are also black and white versions with the white version also having a bit of silver.

The X2 has the biggest screen out of all of XYZ’s products to date, measures up to 5.5 inches, is supported by full lamination technology, and its processor is the quad-core MTK MT6582. It has 1gb of RAM and 16gb ROM and is powered by a 2,200mA battery. It uses the Android 4.2 operating system and supports WCDMA/GSM internet access and the WIFI-Display function.

It’s worth noting that the X2 will continue to use the Z1’s high-definition camera specifications. It has an 8Mp front camera and 13mP rear camera which is very powerful. 1-140430013300216 1-140430013252A6 1-14043001323OU