64-bit Intel Core, Onda V975 now Upgradable to Windows 8!

by Frank Tu 0

Intel is giving out free CPUs to tablets based on Intel 64-bit BayTrail-T series processor. Onda V975i, as the first model to hit the market, is now open for orders at a price tag of 1,000 RMB (160$). It is reported that the model will be upgradable to Windows 8 starting this May.

Onda V975 has 2G RAM memory, 32G ROM, and 64-bit IntelBayTrail-TZ3735 quadra core processor to ensure a smooth run of Android 4.4 OS. It adopts a 9.7 inch 2K display.
In addition to OndaV975 and V819i, some other China-made tablets based on the 64-bit Intel processor, such as Tai-Dian X98 3G, will also support Windows 8.

The free installment of Windows 8 on smaller tablets from Microsoft and the free chipsets from Intel both seem to indicate that Windows 8 tablets will become mainstream in the next half year.

64位intel芯,昂达V975i可升级Windows 8系统

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