HTC Butterfly 2 (B2) is rumor to release in Asian Region only

by Rosgani 0

After we’ve covered the news about the upcoming HTC Butterfly 2 (B2) a week ago, and now we have a new rumor that the HTC B2 phone will be released on Asian Region only.

The phone is successor from the previous HTC Butterfly and HTC Butterfly S model that has already released few year ago, this phone is also available in Japanese market with HTC Butterfly J model name and now we ready to get the new version.

And now we heard that the phone will be launched within the Asian region only. The tipster claims that Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other selected Asian countries are in the list. According to tipster, the upcoming HTC B2 will be comes with similar specs with HTC One M8 smartphone but there is the different in the cover since HTC B2 will be covered by plastic material rather than metal.

And we also get the render picture of HTC Butterfly 2 (B2) from @evleaks:


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