What improvements can be made? An analysis of the ONDA V819i

by Frank Tu 0



Intel has been trying to hit the Chinese market by providing processing chips at low prices and help in designs, especially with the with the Bay-Trail processor which, when it comes to its functions and battery usage, is not that much different from the ARM. The ONDA V819i is a new table that uses this processor.

1.      Design

The V819i uses an 8-inch screen with an 16:10 aspect ratio. It’s easy to tell that this is a standard Androit/Windows tablet.

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It has a very simple layout. It’s frame is much more narrow than that of 8-inch tablets like the Venus 8 Pro. It’s larger than my hand and it’s better to hold it horizontally.

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II. Hardware



The V819i’s processor, the Intel Z3735E is has the lowest specifications out of the devices in the Atom line. It has a lower main frequency and GPU frequency. It also stores 1GB RAM and although the Windows used by the V819i can soon upgraded to Windows 8, its 1GB RAM is fixed. It also has 16GB ROM, a 5mP back camera, and a battery that only stores 3800mhA.


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Photos taken using the V819i27059a11c58ade9b03bde05c2ca7c285_mw_680_wm_0_wmp_3 99e314b1b43706773153e7ef375fc68c_mw_680_wm_0_wmp_3

III. System software

The V819i will use the Androi 4.2.2 operating system.

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It will come with 30 applications including a few games.

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IV. Overall

After the using the V819i for about ten days, I immediately sense some promise for the future of Chinese tablets, but it’s a shame that many objectives can’t be met right now. Prices should not be shackles on designing good products.