Huawei new chip Kirin 920 claims to outclass Snapdragon 805

by Frank Tu 0

Huawei is not a popular name in the west, but this notion is changing with the HiSilicon chips churned out by Huawei. These chips have been used in the devices like Ascend P6 and Ascend P7. The processors used have been Cortex-A9 which deliver the performance that we expected years earlier. In fact, this is all to keep the cost low, but now Huawei is ready to change that with their newest chips they announced. The Kirin 920 is the name of chip. The company is making flaunting claims about their latest chip.

The new chip Kirin 920 is a System-on-Chip that is made around 8-core CPU that utilizes LITTLE blue print from ARM. It pairs four low-power Cortex A7 cores that reaches the speed of 1.6Ghz and pairs four high-power cortex A15 cores that reaches the speed up to 2.0 Ghz. Huawei claims these new chips will outclass the Snapdragon 805, which will be confirmed as the chips will be available. The chip named kirin 920 has a Mali-T628 GPU, which is going to give good graphics and gaming experience. It also supports LTE Cat 6 and VoLTE. With all these specs, Huawei has accumulated a lot of respect but we’ll have to wait to see whether it can outsmart the Snapdragon 805 or not.

The Huawei claim is proven right or not, the new followship will help them stand against the likes of HTC and Samsung. The other Chinese manufacturers bank on MediaTek for their devices but the Huawei relies on its own chips which is a laudable thing. MediaTek on the other hand refuses to go beyond Android 4.2.2. The new device will hopefully reach new markets around the world, without old Android version and with good performance overall.