The OnePlus Invites are beginning from today, You may be the lucky to get one

by Frank Tu 0

oneplus 1.1OnePlus is sending invites to buy their cellphones, the OnePlus One. Some devices have already reached to the winners of contest. These lucky winners were able to buy the handset of 16GB model, at the price of $1. The interest of the public was more than expected. This interest of buyers made OnePlus to shift their production to 64GB model first. The enthusiasts are getting their invites in the emails. The campaign has the logo of “it is raning invites”. If you have got one of such invites then you are eligible to buy 64GB model at $349.99.

The invites emails has a unique URL to buy the phone. You need to register a OnePlus account the link of which is also provided in the email, too. It is expected if you have received an invite you may have already registered a OnePlus account. In that case, you don’t have to worry about this step.

The OnePlus has unfortunately received uncalledfor delays in shipment. That is why they have stated in separate email that they can’t say for sure how long the shipment process will take time. The email also states that they buyers can put their orders and once the mobile is ready they will be shipped to them. Similarly, another option has been given that states that buyers may have to wait until they will be confirmed when their handsets are ready for shipment through email. The shipment delay is such a thing which no company or the buyers want, for this reason they have mentioned that as it was the first batch that is why delay happened, and this will not be the case in the future.