The octa-core Malata S510 (Sage) phone coming soon

by Frank Tu 0

Over the last several years, as more smartphones came out, Malata which mostly focuses on education-related electronic products made attempts in creating educational phones that students can used. Unfortunately, they did not make much of an impact in the market.

Malta released several new products recently including something that is more special. The phone is called Dasheng (Sage) and its model number is the Malata S510. The poster below shows the phone.

The coolest part about how the S510 looks is the varied color scheme. The second is that the back looks a bit HTC-influenced.

The Malata S510 uses a 5-inch HD screen protected by gorilla glass. It runs on the octa-core MTK MT6592M chip with a main frequency of 1.4GHz. It also has a 13mP Sony camera and is HotKnot supported.

Even there is still a limited number of information at the moment, it’s clear that that the S10 has the highest specifications out of all of Malata’s products to date.