White Memo U5S released, only costs 699 RMB (112.14 USD)

by Frank Tu 0

ZTE has recently released a white edition of their 3G smart phone, the U5S. Unlike the black and white color scheme used by the China Telecom N5S, it’s completely white except for the silver sidebars giving it a more trendy feeling. While ZTE has not made an official announcement on the U5S’s cost, unexpectedly, it is listed in JD with the cost of only 699 RMB. The U5S is worth considering more than the 599 RMB Q705U which has the same screen ratio as the former but does not have the U5S’ 5.7-inch 720p screen and powerful resolution.

The U5S also uses the MTK6589T quad-core processor which has a main frequency of 1.5GHz. It also has 1GB + 4GB memory and a 1mP/8mP dual-camera. It also runs on a 3200mhA battery and uses the Android 4.2 operating system.  It also supports an electric compass, TDS + GSM dual-SIM and Dolby audio.

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