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Xiaomi Mi 4 render shows “bezelless” design with MIUL V5

by Frank Tu 6

We have seen many of Xiaomi Mi4 leaks in the last 2 months and that’s what we had been proofed from the leaked pictures: 5inch screen, bezelless designback cover made of special material and gotten unique finish. From what we know Mi 4 will be released at around 20th July. And Mi4’s render pictures with MIUI V5 had already went popular on Chinese social network.

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And from what we had know from a previous leak, we have heard that the Xiaomi Mi4 will have 4G LTE, Snapdragon 805, 3GB RAM, and a 16 mega-pixel camera(SONYIMX214). Will you like the new Xiaomi, Mi4? Tell us how you feel about it.


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  • WielkiZnawca

    I liek specs, but design is big step backward..

  • Danny

    I have a MI3, and I really don’t see a reason to upgrade, looks less premium and I dislike round and plastic look. I don’t understand why Xiaomi is going all pastic, fist the MiPAD now this… Xiaomi is my fav chinese brnad but I am starting to get disapointed,

    • desponent

      This looks infinitely more usable and hand friendly than the stab-happy Mi3. Nothing wrong with plastic if it’s the durable kind.

      • Danny

        Well it’s a matter of taste I suppose, I hate plastic looking phones/tablets, and that is the main reason why I will not buy the MiPad. It looks like a generic phone IMHO.

        • desponent

          Plastic could be made to look “premium” too.

  • abdelrahman adel

    i hope its comes with with a 2560 x 1440 resolution.