Cube IWORK8, Jumper EZ pad and VOYO WinPad A1 mini Are Actually All Designed By Emdoor EM-I8080

by Frank Tu 2

Emdoor is actuarly a Chinese company located in Shenzhen that provide windows tablet solutions drivingability to design and manufacture ultra – low cost windows tablets.

d9f2eb5c10385343aeae41f49113b07ec88088dfCube bought the EM-I8080 solution  from Emdoor for Cube IWORK8,

9a1e8aefce1b9d167d775bb4f1deb48f8e546488Jumper bought the EM-I8080-A from Emdoor for Jumper EZ pad – mini

4b37e31b9d16fdfa2edc073bb68f8c5496ee7b88and VOYO bought the EM-I8080-C for VOYO WinPad A1 mini.



There is no difference among these 3 tablets except the models.

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