High imitation iPhone 6 smartphone is here

by Rosgani 1


Apple is ready to release the new iPhone 6 smartphone on September this year, that’s two month before the phone is launch officially, some people is waiting this phone.

All we know that the upcoming iPhone 6 will be available in two version based on screen size, the 4,7 inch screen size and 5,5 inch screen size. And now, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer is making the iPhone 6 knock-off smartphone, the phone is look real and nice similar with the upcoming iPhone 6 smartphone based on iPhone 6 prototype.

According to leaked picture, the phone is look similar with 4,7 inch screen size iPhone 6, the phone is actually is the Anroid phone with customization Android themes that very similar with iOS 7 operating system and the phone’s body material is also 99% similar.

While for now, we also heard that the real iPhone 6 will be available in two screen size, and the screen will be built by spahire glass that has more strength and screacth-ressistant. The upcoming iPhone 6 will be available in three color version, such as gray, gold and white color version. And according to recent rumor, the upcoming iPhone 6 will be available in September this year.
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