Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G LTE Sold Out Within the First 35 Seconds of Release!

by Frank Tu 0

They say that any press is good press, and it has certainly rung true; particularly for the quickly escalating Xiaomi company; a popular Chinese-based smartphone producer recently alleged to have infringed upon a Singapore customer’s personal data disclosure rights. These stories revolving around privacy issues may or may not be well founded; however there is no doubt about the Xiaomi brand’s increasingly fantastic reputation for providing excellent phone service at a very reasonable cost. Xiaomi leapt ahead of Samsung in the competition to provide the number one smartphone in China in mid-2014, and the company shows signs of continuing on their path of success. The latest and greatest Xiaomi device to hit the market is of course the Redmi Note 4G LTE model; of which 100,000 were sold within the first 35 seconds of release!

This phablet; or phonelet; has been available for some time now, but this certainly hasn’t decreased its’ popularity. Xiaomi is rumored to be on the verge of a brand new and exciting release according to sources. The Xiaomi 4G LTE model is rumored to make its’ first appearance within the next few weeks. The 4G Redmi Note LTE has some really great specs for those looking for a device on a budget. It is equipped with a 3200mAh battery, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 quad-core processor that clocks 1.6 GHz, 2 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal memory. With a microSD card, you can add an additional 64 GB of storage. The Redmi Note HD display screen is 5.5 inches; with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. The phablet’s camera is pretty standard; with 13MP, autofocus and LED flash. There is however an additional 5MP front-facing cameras for those who wish to video chat or take pics with their friends. The price is pretty fantastic, at roughly $162.

Unfortunately for the US, the chances of the Redmi Note 4G LTE model ever making it overseas in the immediate future are slim to none. The phone’s 4G capabilities only apply in China and India for the time being. Xiaomi is however working towards the eventual goal of emerging in the US market; estimated to occur sometime in 2015. They are methodically establishing their reputation within their own nation; as well as other low to mid-range markets before tackling the US market; which seems to be a well-functioning plan thus far.