Meizu MX4: New photos leaked

by Frank Tu 0

Meizu has announced officially to hold the conference press for Meizu products on September 2nd at the subsidiary pavilion of  Beijing National Stadium. As that time closed, more and more expectations have been taken to Meizu MX4.

A rear HD photo of MX4 was exposed in the forum. Viewed from the photos, the rear and border design of machine is more full and smooth, with the speaker at the bottom similar to iPhone6. As to the border, Mg-Al alloy material is used.

It still can not be ensured that the exposed photos are real, however, some information from the Meizu officially seems more reliable. This morning, the official Weibo of Meizu said that:”it is said that, @Flyme music also #ThinkHigh# “, which rised imaginations to MX4.

Some people thought, it is the hint from Meizu that mx4 will support the sound effects at Hi-Fi  grade, which is big promotion compared with MX3, it should be notices that there were some information indeed before that MX4 would install top level ES9018 Double audio chip, which will improve the music experience of the cell phone significantly.

Of course, a set of good earphone is needed for Hi-Fi. While Meizu never equipped with the earphone, and we don’t know whether they will make change.

Except for the big improvement of the audio quality, it is heard that, the camera of Meizu MX4 will be over 1600 Mpi, which is confirmed to be 2070 Mpi from other information.

what’s more, today, Zhang Heng,  the senior manager of Meizu Technology Co. Ltd., released a photo at the Weibo which produced heat comment: Gao Yuan Yuan, a famous celebrity in China, will be invited to be the endorser of MX4.

It is believed that the price, rather than the celebrity endorser, will be paid more attention by people, which will be unveiled at the conference press.