Unboxed: Meizu MX4

by Frank Tu 2

Yesterday, the Meizu MX4 was finally launched and its 1799 RMB (292.93 USD) price is insane. We have already reviewed this phone. Now, here are photos of the MX4 unboxed.


The MX4’s design looks very similar to the MX3 with its round shape. The difference though is that its frame is made of magnalium. The rear shell has been furnished and polished instead of painted.


At the same, the size of the Meizu MX4’s screen was increased from 5.4 inches to 5.36 inches. The phone’s width was also increased. Considering how its weight has increased by 5g, the phone’s width has made it slimmer.


In addition to the MX4’s 5.36-inch screen, it has the world’s narrowest frame (2.6mm) increasing its screen ratio to 80%. This should provide great video quality. This phone also sports a 20.7mp Sony camera (IMX 220). Many people should be pleased to know that the lens does not point out too much and is only at almost the same level as the phone’s body and rear case. It also has a dual-LED light.


That said, enjoy the photos.

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