Vivo to release limited edition of Vivo X5L with sapphire screen this month

by Frank Tu 0

When news that the iPhone 6 would use a sapphire screen broke out, more brands followed suit. Soon, Huawei announced that they would also release a version of the P7 with a sapphire screen. Now, Vivo has joined in by confirming that they will release a limited edition of the X5L with a sapphire screen.


Many videos featuring testing of the sapphire X5L have hit the web that confirm the news. The videos show that the sapphire screen has greater hardness and abrasion resistance and does not consume more power. The biggest selling point of the Vivo X5L is its Karaoke features and its glamorous package is incredible. The sapphire screen should only leave more users in awe.


Other than the glass, all the other specifications will be the same. Its processor will still be the MTK6592 octa-core chipset. It will have 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM, sport a 5-inch 720p screen and 5mp/13mp camera, and will be powered by a 2230mAh battery. It also has a built-in Yamaha signal chip and a combination of the CS4398 and MAX97220 HiFi solution.


Given the higher production costs, expect this phone’s price to be higher than the regular X5L’s 2498 RMB price (406.58 USD).

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