Tear down: Meizu MX4

by Frank Tu 1

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Before, you needed something like a needle to open the rear case, but now you can open it with a finger.















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The interior of the phone. The motherboard does not take up a lot of space.















At the bottom are the cable port and vibrator.















At the side of the phone is a high-frequency signal concentric wire.

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The MX4’s 20.7mp (Sony INMX 220, 1/2.3-inch light sensor) rear camera















3.5mm earphone jack, designed specifically for the MX4















The motherboard is covered by a graphite heat chip. It looks clean and simple.















There is also a graphite heat chip on the other side of the motherboard but it is not as easy to remove.















Dialog DA9210, MT6331P, and MT6332P are all MTK chips. The biggest chip on the right is the Samsung RAM chip. Below it is the MT6595 octa-core chip.

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