Xiaomi to release 16000mAh mobile phone battery for 99 RMB (16.20 USD)

by Frank Tu 0


A few days ago, Xiaomi announced on their official Weibo account that they would release a mysterious device for a special price (99 RMB) at the Chinese online store T-Mall on Singles Day. Netizens debated over what this device could be, with many guessing that it is an enhanced version of a mobile phone battery. Some claimed that it might be a 3G MiFi. Now, the veil has been lifted. It is actually a new mobile phone battery with 16000mAh, which is about 50% higher than the previous 10400mAh battery. It also comes with two USB ports and its cover is still made of aluminum.

The official price of this battery is actually 129 RMB (21.10 USD), but will cost 99 RMB at T-Mall during China’s Singles Day. Despite having a much higher battery capacity than the 10400mAh battery, it is not as wide and can be easily carried.