Ramos i9s review, first gaming tablet supporting 64-bit Windows 8

by Frank Tu 3


Unbox Ramos i9s (Gaming Edition) and Appearance Review

Before unboxing, let’s have a look at the Ramos i9s specification.  It features an 8.9-inch touch screen at 1920 x 1200 resolution. Ramos i9s is powered by 1.33GHz (up to1.8GHz) Intel Atom Z3735F quad-core processor. The built-in Intel HD Graphics 7th Generation GPU supports Direct X11, the highest frequency is 646MHz, which guarantees no delay to the device. It is also equipped with Android OS 4.4.2, a 2GB DDR3L dual channel memory and 32GB flash memory.


Ramos i9s Gaming Edition is packed with style – fashion, technology and cool.

Ramos i9s Gaming Edition external packaging style also fits to game players’ taste – simple, elegant and sober.


Ramos i9s Gaming Edition is now unveiled!

Ramos i9s came into the sight after unboxing.  Although protected by a plastic layer, we still can vaguely see the tablet’s body is black with a red color frame.  It’s so exciting to see this tablet has such an elegant appearance.


Ramos i9s Game Edition, Family Photo (includes the game controller, stand and other accessories)

Ramos i9s Game Edition has a complete set of accessories. Besides the conventional power adapter,  Micro USB cable, user manual etc, there also comes with a Bluetooth Game Controller and a tablet stand. The controller has a stylish shape that makes you impatiently want to hold it in hand and start gaming immediately! An important reminder to every game player, Ramos i9s Game Edition has a QR code, which is part of the verification step when connecting with the Bluetooth Controller.


 Ramos i9s Game Edition, Front Look


 Ramos i9s Game Edition, Rear Look

Now let’s have a look at Ramos i9s Game Edition’s external appearance. Its front features an 8.9-inch touch screen at 1920 x 1200 pixels made with original Samsung A-grade IPS technology. This Edition has added pearl powder into a double-sided tempered glass design to have a glowing effect. Its frame is made of aluminium alloy with CNC craving technology and 220 mesh sandblasting process providing with a comfortable hand grip.


 Ramos i9s Game Edition, Front and Rear Camera

Speaking of the camera, Ramos i9s Game Edition features with a 2.0 mega pixel front camera and a 5.0 mega pixel rear camera with Auto Focus function. It is tested that i9s Game Edition camera has a fast start and quickly captures the moving blinking moments. So you can take photos at ease.


Ramos i9s Game Edition,  Interface and AAC Independent Double Sound Speakers

Ramos i9s Game Edition main interface is at the left side, including HDMI interface, Micro USB port and headphone jack. In addition, its AAC Independent Double Sound Speakers are at the both sides rendering stereo sound effect.


Ramos i9s Game Edition, Buttons and TF Card Slot

At the top of the tablet, few buttons and the TF Card Slot are respectively located at the left and right side. The buttons are for Power and Volume (increase/decrease).

Ramos i9s Game Edition, Performance & Gaming Tests

In order to meet the needs of game players , Ramos i9s has excellent hardware configuration. The test was conducted with AnTuTu Benchmark V 5.2.0 software; the results about the hardware and performance are shown as following:


Ramos i9s Game Edition, Hardware Information and Performance Test Results:

Ramos i9s is powered with a 64-bit Z3735F quad-core processor, built-in Intel HD Graphics 7th Generation GPU and  a 2 GB DDR3L dual channel memory, which assures the game players to run smoothly during gaming . It is tested that the Game Edition scored with 31304 points and shows that game players can have a fluent experience in playing 3D games. In the competition with other brands, Ramos i9s Game Edition proves that it performs better than many other quad-core Android models.



Ramos i9s Game Edition, Wireless Game Controller with  Bluetooth Connection

Since this is a Game Edition, let’s first experience the gaming performance. It mentioned earlier that there is a Bluetooth game controller in the box; in fact, there are a lot of preset 3D games on the desktop interface once turn on the tablet. In addition, there’s also an application called “Nibiru Phone Management”. Click on it, scan the QR Code, and then connect Ramos i9s with the Bluetooth game controller.


 Ramos i9s Game Edition, “3D Skyrider” Game Testing

Ramos i9s Game Edition has already preset 8 large-scale 3D games. The test started with the game “3D Skyrider”, and the experience was fluent. Especially when using the Bluetooth game controller, the players were just nailed in the game. During the play, it’s better to put the tablet on the stand so that you would have more fun.




Ramos i9s Game Edition, “3D Demon Seal” Online Game Testing

Ramos i9s Game Edition also supports the online game “3D Demon Seal” smoothly. Its excellence of powerful game performance and good quality of network connection makes the game running fluently. This tablet has a built-in Intel HD Graphics 7th Generation GPU supporting Direct X11 feature, which has remarkable 2D/3D graphics rendering capabilities .  Its performance can compete with PC desktop level graphics.



Ramos i9s Game Edition, “3D Winning Soccer” Gaming Test 

Ramos i9s Game Edition not only has great gaming performance, but is also outstanding in the screen quality. Game players can enjoy the lifelike experience with color reproduction and delicate images thanks to its original Samsung A-grade HD IPS technology. Furthermore, the stereo sound effect from AAC independent double sound speakers provided players a more immersive  gaming experience.


As a tablet customized for gaming, Ramos i9s Game Edition should be able to meet many people’s expectation.  In addition to its fancy look design, the black & red  color match fully represents the cool game style, and captured the hearts of many players. In the aspect of the tablet craftwork quality,  Ramos i9s is seen as the pioneer among other domestic brands, and even favorably than the international brands. About the performance, this model has a 64-bit Z3735F quad-core processor with built-in Intel HD Graphics 7th Generation GPU so that it is qualified for numerous large-scale 3D games. The actual testing experience is quite impressive too. Moreover, the original Samsung A-grade screen and AAC independent double sound speakers have brought the gaming experience to the next level. At the phase of tablet entering into vertical segmentation, the launch of Ramos i9s Game Edition will be recognized by more and more game players through its great performance.