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Get the Special $167 Coupon For Meizu MX4, Prices Slashed!

by Frank Tu 16


UPDATE: We have increased the coupon value to $167! So, you can buy both the models at a much discounted price.

Looking to buy a flagship this holiday season? Its your lucky day as we have got a number of $167 coupons for the Meizu MX4 smartphone.

All you have to do is send an email to [email protected] You’ll instantly receive a coupon to buy the device from a reputed retailer. With this coupon you can purchase the 32GB Meizu MX4 Grey edition for $355 and the 32GB Meizu MX4 White Edition for $365. Pretty good deal right?

Make sure you avail this coupon as soon as you receive the mail as it will expire  24 hours after you receive it! Enjoy!

Bad news: The coupon had expired.

Good news: You can buy on aliexpress for just $325, it’s much cheaper now.


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  • sunny

    how come my post is removed????

    • Jason45

      Because they censor on this site

    • Joe

      What post?

      • sunny

        I had shared links to the sites where Meizu MX4 is selling for less than the discount we consider here ($100).

        • Frank Tu

          They must be Chinese edtion not international edition from Meizu’s official distributor here($100)

    • Frank Tu

      Guys,my email is [email protected], not [email protected], please send email again…

  • gartstell

    The price ($389 and $405) is for 16 or 32 GB version???

  • Riki

    Thank you very much,but i already bought meizu mx4 32 gb silver edition….I will share this from who is interested if you don t mind.

  • joe

    Hey frank can you please confirm if the coupon is for the international edition of the phone or the chinese edition please?

    • Frank Tu

      It is international edition from official distributor.

  • Mente Modesta

    This edition works also in Italy? What is the difference from that one on the official site? Thank you very much

  • Haytham

    Thank you Frank for your promotion.
    I set email to you, hope you send me the coupon before the mobile be out of stock.