OnePlus Two Details Leak Out, Could Feature Laser Focus Fingerprint tech!

by Linus 4

OnePlus is one of those companies, which managed to bring a lot of hype to the western world, which does not always happen with all the Chinese companies. After teasing the OnePlus One as the “Flagship Killer” for some time it got attention from many tech enthusiasts around the globe. However, it has been quite a while since the One was launched and right now we are into the OnePlus Two rumours mill.

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It seems that the company is pretty confident about itself and it is ready to go toe to toe with the biggest players in the marker or even overcome them. This time around, the leaked features suggest that the device will have something interesting called a laser focus fingerprint identification embedded in the home button.

What is more, the front of the device will look similar to the Oppo Find 7, which does not surprise us as the OnePlus One looks very similar to the latter smartphone.

Also, there will be regular capacitive Android 5.0 buttons on the sides.

As far as availability goes, the device is said to come out in Q3 this year. What we hope is that the company will be more mature and get rid of the controversial marketing ideas. Also, we hope that OnePlus will have their production lines in tact and there will be no more invite system.

Furthermore, other rumours as well as the recent interviews with the top executives of the company suggest that the OnePlus Two will be more expensive. It is a natural consequence as the OnePlus One was the part of the marketing strategy to sell the device nearly at the cost. In addition, the device may not have neither the Micro SD nor removable battery, nor the wireless charging technology. Finally, the company is said to stick to the reliable Snapdragon chips (most likely 810) for the upcoming device.

As the rumour mill has already heated up, stay tuned for more news to come!