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Oneplus 2 Photo Leaked (Updated)

by Shine Wong 8

Oneplus 2

Oneplus 2 will be revealed on July 27th, and it’ll be the world’s first product to launch in VR. There are 2 specs were confirmed by official: the new Oneplus 2 phone will use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 v2.1 processor, and the latest USB type-c port. Today, a picture leaked on Weibo, and tell us about what the Oneplus 2 looks like.

The Oneplus 2 looks smaller than the One, but use a metal frame material. The screen should be still 5.5 inch, and with a removable plastic back cover. There is stereo speaker on the bottom, and the type-c port is in the middle. The new phone thickness is only 5-6mm, so it’s really slim. The leaked picture is not very clear, so we still need wait for a month.

Update: Oneplus claim the picture is fake.

Update 2: Some pictures leaked from Phonearena:

oneplus 2

oneplus two

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  • Mathew Sullivan

    Confirmed fake from OP forum user

  • Cpaun

    Looks very thick 🙂

  • pa5t1s

    looks awesome… i’ve heard about a 5’7 screen… any confirmation ?

    • I think these specs are confirmed: 5.5 inch screen, Qualcomm 810 proceesor, USB type-c port.

  • hamaidx

    sucks .. just like the One did!!!

  • Shubham Nehra

    @PHONEARENA picture is also fake ,u can see dimesnison in both the photos , backs is bigger than front LOL

  • NightFelix

    Screw them for stereo speakers they said last time on the original oneplus one. But end up dual mono speaker.

  • August Rush

    I think this is fake because the two images are not of the same size. You can count the boxes and figure out one has a length below 150 mm and other has a length of more than 160 mm