Letv Le One Pro X800 Review – The Best Smartphone on the Market? [VIDEO]

by Linus 26

We have all hear about the Letv smartphones as the company has made a lot of hype about them. We have already reviewed the Letv Le One X600 and it turns out to be a great offering with just some minor disadvantages.

This time around we are looking at the Letv Le One Pro X800 – all-aluminium clad flagship smartphone, which does not only look stunning but also has some cutting-edge specs. Is it any good? Can it go head to head with the best flagship smartphones out there?

You will get all the answers in the Letv Le One Pro X800 video review as I tried to quickly cover as much as possible at the same time not making a too long and boring video:

Letv Le One Pro Review: Conclusions

So there you have it, the Letv Le 1 Pro smartphone, which has an outstanding built quality and a beautiful all-aluminium unibody, which makes it one of the best designed smartphones out there.
In addition, the bleeding-edge specifications deliver both when just navigating through the minimal looking LeUI and handling the most graphically demanding tasks. Also, the image quality is great and all the multimedia options are just a pleasure to use. Finally, the battery life is great.
On the other hand, the video recording could see some improvements, the capacitive keys could be visible outdoors and the loudspeaker could have some richer tones.
Despite a few shortcomings, I believe that Letv Le 1 Pro is a device definitely worth looking at. The price tag is much lower than some mainstream flagships in the west but it can clearly go head to head with any of them or even outpace in many different departments. Finally, doesn’t matter that Letv is a newcomer to the smartphone game, it has proven that it is a strong player with the device like Le 1 Pro.
Make sure to stay tuned to Gizmochina as the full written review is coming soon.