Elephone P6000 Pro 3GB Version running Flyme OS

by shanos 1

Elephone have today released another video, this time showing the 3gb version of the  updated P6000 Pro running Flyme OS 4.5.1A based on Android 5.1

Its really nice to see that Elephone are working hard to bring rom support to their handsets, Flyme looks to be working well and seems to be pretty much complete feature wise.

Performance wise Flyme OS on the 3gb P6000 Pro seems to be doing pretty well, scoring a reasonable Antutu score of 36888 (lets not forget this is not a flagship device and is running a ported rom), theming is also looks to be working fully, the windows 10 theme looks interesting, hopefully we will be getting to see this on the dual boot Intel version of the Vowney when it is released later in the year.

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Regards Shanos

Original article posted on gadgetz.tv

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