Meizu’s High-End Flagship To Use Exynos 7420 According To Analyst

by Joel 3

In the past few months, Meizu has made a number of strategic changes, including establishing a brand new Blue Charm lineup. The changes seems to be working for the company, since its smartphone sales are better than ever.


Meizu VP Li Nan recently revealed that the company had decided to scrap the MX5 Pro lineup in favor of a new high-end series. Now, Pan Jiutang, a popular analyst reveals that this new high-end smartphone will use Samsung’s Exynos 7420 chipset. This is the same processor that powers the Galaxy S6 lineup and has received praise from critics as well as customers for its performance. If this turns out to be true, it will also make the new Meizu machine, the first Chinese smartphone to come with a 14nm processor.

meizu flagship

The company is reportedly working on a lineup that can directly compete with the Xiaomi Mi Note series. So, its important that the performance is better than competitors. While Qualcomm’s flagship Snapdragon 810 is powerful, its still criticized for its overheating issue. Apart from 810, there’s Helio X10 (available now) and Samsung’s Exynos 7420. If Meizu had to pick from these three options, it would have to be the Exynos 7420 due to its superior performance. Moreover, the 14nm manufacturing process makes the chip even more efficient.

Apart from this info, the new Meizu flagship is said to come with double sided glass design and a metal frame. The pricing is said to be above 3000 Yuan, much higher than what customers are used to paying for a Chinese flagship. So, this device has to be the best in almost all aspects to attract buyers.

When we asked our readers whether they would be ready to buy a Meizu flagship for 3000+ Yuan, many said that if the specs were right, they would consider it. So, if Meizu is indeed using Exynos 7420 inside its newest machine, its most likely going on the right path.

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