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With the Elephone Q phone, Elephone are set to release yet another new smartphone on to the market, but this time rather than go bigger and add higher specs, they are doing something very different.

The Elephone Q phone will run Android Kitkat but it’s dimensions are just 90mm x 43mm x 11.5mm, in order to be this small the screen is a 2.45″ TFT LCD with capacitive touch and support for 256 thousand colours with a resolution of just 240 x 432.

The phone will be running Android Kitkat on a 1ghz Mediatek MTK6572 soc with 4gb ROM and 512kb RAM, storage is upgradable via micro SD up to an additional 32gb.

Power will be provided by a 550mAH Lithium Ion battery, given the smaller screen size as well as the lower clock speed of the MTK6572, the phone should see ok amounts of usage from the battery, standby time is quoted at 110 hours with talk time at 4 hours (it wont set any records for its longevity).

A lot of you are probably asking at this time, whats the point of such a phone? who wants or needs something like this? is there even a market for such a phone?

The Elephone Q phone is looking to fill a niche, they are hoping that the market for a small phone that features high-quality sound for use as an MP3 player, along with features like pedometer, smartwake, sleep monitoring and sedentry timer etc as well as the ability to run apps and make calls will make it a smart choice to fill your pocket when you don’t want to be carrying the bulk of a large phone or tablet.

Will you consider something like the Elephone Q phone? would you have one of these as your go to phone for your gym workout or when out running or cycling? or perhaps this could be a phone for the pockets of your younger children that want a smartphone but are not yet in a position or at an age when you want to give them a high end smartphone.

 This is either a very smart move from Elephone or a move that will see them left with inventory un-moved, but that will depend more on how it is welcomed to the market and how big the market they can carve out is.

As yet pricing and release schedules have not been announced, but judging by the video below, the phone appears to be nearing completion, so I would expect Elephone to be readying the release fairly soon.

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