Ways To Configure And Use UMI Iron Smartphone’s U Health App

by Frank Tu 0

Ways To Configure And Use UMI Iron Smartphone’s U Health App

There are oodles of Android smartphones in the market nowadays and most of them look similar and have similar features too. If you think how to buy a device with distinctive feature, the UMI Iron is one contender vying for your attention. The handset, made by a Chinese company has good specs and build, but its standout feature is eye-scanning security. It also comes equipped with a handful of apps that can be beneficial for most users. One example is its U Health App. It can appeal to users who have the habit of checking their health regularly.

Nuances of the U Health app

Like some others top end Android devices, the UMI Iron comes loaded with a Health app. The U Health App is meant for checking heart rate of users and it also analyses stress levels in them. The app is pretty simple to use and beginners can handle it with ease.


Ways to use the U Health app

At first, you need to open the U Health app by tapping on it. The app shows two options- stress rate and heart. By tapping on the app’s heart rate button you can learn your heart rate. A pop-up will appear with text “Place your finger on the sensor. The measurement will start automatically”. The message also contains a note saying the app should be used solely for wellness and fitness. It is not made for diagnosing any ailment.  Next, you need to press the OK button on screen. Then you should keep a finger on the sensor located at the front camera’s left side.

In case you put the finger improperly on the sensor the app will pop up an alert. It may also show up if you put the finger for a very short time and the sensor fails to scan well. The alert reads, “Make sure your fingertip is at the center of the sensor. Do not move and Do not press too hard.”. You will have to press on ok and again put your finger on the sensor. As the sensor completes scanning your finger it will display a message on screen showing heart rate.

Measuring stress rate with U Health app

After learning your heart rate by using the U health app, you may very well use it to find how stressed you are at the moment!

The Stress button is placed at the bottom right section of the screen in the app. Tap on the button and then press ok. Again, you will have to place a finger on the sensor beside the device’s front camera. This will initiate the measurement process and keep your finger on the sensor. As it is completed, the result will get displayed on the device screen.

The app displays stress rate in colours indicating normal or high level. Three colours – yellow, green and red are used to indicate this. However, keep in mind that stress rate displayed by the app is an approximate representation and so you should not get too worried but it.