1byone 7 Port USB Hub Review

by Linus 0

1byone 7 Port USB HUB Review: VIDEO

1byone 7 Port USB HUB Review: UNBOXING

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The contents of this USB hub include the documentation and the power plug as this USB hub has an independent power source for the devices, which need a stable power supply.
Also, the company added a velcro sticker, so you can attach the hub to the table.

1byone 7 Port USB HUB Review: DESIGN

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This USB hub has 7 very fast USB 3.0 ports and one of them can be used for fast charging.
The device is very well made and it sports all-aluminium design, which kind of reminds Apple’s design language. Also, it has a little LED, which lights up when the device is connected to the computer or to the supplied power cord. It is a very high quality product and the overall built quality screams premium.
However, there are some shortcomings. For some reason, there is no soft pad on the bottom of the device, so you may scratch the surface of the table. Also, because of that, the USB hub will be sliding on most of the surfaces easily.
In addition, the HUB is designed in that way that it simply needs to be used with a velcro sticker. Otherwise, it will fall down to either side depending where you connect the USB device. While it’s not a deal breaker but it may be an issue for some.

1byone 7 Port USB HUB Review: CONCLUSIONS

At the end of the day, the 1byone 7 port USB hub is a great way to increase the amount of the USB ports on your computer, especially if you use a notebook with 1 or 2 USB ports like I do.
It has a great Apple inspired design, build quality and premium choice of materials. Also, all the ports are working fine and the ability to connect it to the external power source is a great addition.
However, you need to consider a few shortcomings mentioned previously and decide if they are important to you.
Finally, the price. This gadget costs $30 on Amazon and at first I thought it was a bit overpriced. Yes, you can find some cheaper alternatives but if you want a premium all-metal design, this is a price you have to pay for most of the manufacturers.