Meizu MX5 Review – Great Affordable All Metal Flagship

by Linus 8

I know I know, this review comes out too late as the Meizu has already released the Pro 5…. Better than never, I guess.
I’ve had the Meizu MX5 for a month already and used it interchangeably with other phones. During this period of time I received like 5 software updates that improved a lot of things and this review is based on the latest and greatest UI version from Meizu.
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We wanted to say thanks for for sending the Meizu MX5 for a review!

Meizu MX5 Review: VIDEO


So there you have it, affordable yet stylish all-metal Meizu MX5. It has a great design and outstanding build quality except for those a bit wobbling buttons.
The phone has a well implemented UI, which gets better and better with constant software updates, great performance, quite an impressive camera, great battery life and a fantastic fingerprint scanner.
That doesn’t mean the phone excellent, though. The display is good but the viewing angles are not excellent due to a small reflection, which leads to a bit washed out colours if you look from an extreme angle. But… I’m being bloody picky here.
Also, the lack of microSD card slot makes the 16GB model obsolete for heavy users and I honestly don’t understand why manufacturers keep producing devices with such a low amount of storage. Just give us a microSD card slot! Of course, you can opt in for a 32GB or even 64GB models.
All in all, for under $350 unlocked you are getting a great device. While it is not perfect but it is definitely a great buy for the price despite a few shortcomings.