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Meizu MX5 Review – Great Affordable All Metal Flagship

by Linus 8

I know I know, this review comes out too late as the Meizu has already released the Pro 5…. Better than never, I guess.
I’ve had the Meizu MX5 for a month already and used it interchangeably with other phones. During this period of time I received like 5 software updates that improved a lot of things and this review is based on the latest and greatest UI version from Meizu.
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We wanted to say thanks for for sending the Meizu MX5 for a review!

Meizu MX5 Review: VIDEO


So there you have it, affordable yet stylish all-metal Meizu MX5. It has a great design and outstanding build quality except for those a bit wobbling buttons.
The phone has a well implemented UI, which gets better and better with constant software updates, great performance, quite an impressive camera, great battery life and a fantastic fingerprint scanner.
That doesn’t mean the phone excellent, though. The display is good but the viewing angles are not excellent due to a small reflection, which leads to a bit washed out colours if you look from an extreme angle. But… I’m being bloody picky here.
Also, the lack of microSD card slot makes the 16GB model obsolete for heavy users and I honestly don’t understand why manufacturers keep producing devices with such a low amount of storage. Just give us a microSD card slot! Of course, you can opt in for a 32GB or even 64GB models.
All in all, for under $350 unlocked you are getting a great device. While it is not perfect but it is definitely a great buy for the price despite a few shortcomings.

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  • joe

    The lg g flex 2, lg g4 and the nexus 6 Are all under $350 now the mx 5 is currently way too overpriced.

    • where did you see the LG G4 for such a low price? Of course, I agree with you that these devices bring a better value due to their higher end specs. Still, the MX5 is no slouch either except that it uses the Helio X10, which is more like a mid-range or even upper low-end chip (since Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 has it).

      • Kubis

        That is the case. You can buy LG G Flex 2 for 250 USD on eBay now and you get better device in every aspect for less price without SW issues Meizu is known for and questionable guarantee. I had MX 4 for 6 months so I know what I saying…

        • yeah but you are getting a crap all plastic design from LG. I had my hands-on with those devices and the design is terrible. Of course, design is very subjective as I personally prefer metal phones while other don’t care about that.

          But you see, the difference is that once your mentioned devices were released, they cost a lot more. And this is approx the price of the MX5 when it was released.

          • Kubis

            Yes, you right. Its plastic but I don´t find that not attractive. Also have all LTE bans and no typical Meizu bugs which takes years to fix like: keyboard bug (not able to correct letter without deleting the whole word), disconnecting WIFI, late or no app notifications, no Gmail notifications, GPS app bugs (even if closed still running and eats juice) etc. .BTW Meizu recently removed many languages for users who bought Chinese versions without any chance to upload International multi language SW. This is kind of we p**s on international costumers…

          • An all plastic phone doesn’t instantly make it “crap” — the plastic Nokia N9 still stands as one of the most beautiful, iconic designs. I’ve played with the LG G4 in the store and I find the design very nice, especially with the leather back: it’s lightweight, scratch resistent (self-healing up to a point), has a solid feel, and the slight curvature is practical.

          • no no, I didn’t say that. The design is a very subjective thing and in the end it all comes to a personal preference.

          • Sorry, then I misread your statement “you are getting a crap all plastic design from LG” from your comment to Kubis. You were probably just referring to LG’s design.