OnePlus X Is Official With Snapdragon 801 & Metal + Glass Body

by Joel 0

After a few weeks of speculations, rumors and leaks, the OnePlus X is finally official. We had received a number of information about the device well before launch and today almost everything got confirmed. So, its everything that we expected it to be. Apart from the specs, most of which we knew in advance, one surprise was in the design department. It looks like the company has put in a lot of effort in the exterior of the phone, as it will come in two premium versions, one the OnePlus X Onyx and the second version which be a limited edition, will be made out of ceramic (yes, you heard it right! CERAMIC!).


The OnePlus Onyx will be made out of glass, with a metal frame. This should give it a premium look, although we have seen a number of manufacturers use the same design on their flagships. However, the second version, i.e. the limited edition Ceramic version is going to be interesting as it comes with a real ceramic body which is scratch resistant and has a hardness of 8.5H on the Mohs scale. We don’t have much information about the Ceramic version, but we expect to hear more from the company in the coming hours. The overall body is quite slim, measuring just 6.9mm and weighs only about 138 grams.

oneplus x

Coming to the specifications, like we said, the OnePlus X will feature the year old Snapdragon 801 chipset. If we didn’t know about this chip earlier, this would have been a big surprise, but now we have kind of accepted it as a cooler alternative to the Snapdragon 810. They could have gone with the Snapdragon 808, but end of the day went with the 801 probably to keep the price as low as possible. Not that we are complaining since 801 was the flagship chip till last year. It still has enough punch to perform well with the given 3GB RAM on board.


As for the storage, you get 16GB internal with an option to expand via MicroSD. But like many recent phones, this SD card slot is a hybrid SIM card slot combo, so at one time, you can have just two Nano SIMs or one SIM with a MicroSD. As for the display, OnePlus has gone with the Active Matrix OLED display. Its a 5-inch panel with 1080p resolution translating into pixel density of 441 ppi.

As for the camera, the OnePlus X comes with a decent Samsuing ISOCELL 13MP rear camera with an 8MP front facing shooter. The rear camera comes with PDAF with 0.2s focus times. Videos can be shot at 1080p resolution (no 4K shooting) but interestingly you do get 720p Slo-Mo video shooting on the device. As for the battery, you get a decent 2,525 mAh capacity on board, which should be enough for a day’s usage. The software is the same old OxygenOS based on Android 5.1.

The pricing is also exactly the same as we predicted. The phone will start at $249 USD for the Onyx version, while in Europe this goes up to 269 EUR. It will go on sale from Nov 5 in Europe and Nov 19 in US. As for the Cermic Edition, only 10,000 of these limited edition models will be made and there will be a specific invite system for the same. In Europe, this edition will cost you 369 EUR.

So, this the new OnePlus X, the first 5-inch phone from the company. There’s still no Wireless Charging, Quick Charge, NFC or even OIS. But its still offers a lot for the given $249 price tag. So, what do you think about the device? Will you consider buying the limited edition Ceramic editions?


Meanwhile, the phone is already up for pre-order on giztop, so do check it out.