Some OnePlus 2 Users Are Facing Issues With Its Fingerprint Sensor

by Joel 2

OnePlus 2 is the second generation version of the popular OnePlus One handset and it had some big shoes to fill. The company tried its best with the new handset, and despite a few drawbacks, the phone is still a value for money proposition. As an upgrade, the OnePlus 2 came with a fingerprint sensor embedded into its home button.

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But it looks like the fingerprint sensor may be plagued with some issues. Now, according to recent comments from users, the fingerprint sensor on the OnePlus 2 not working properly on many smartphones. In fact, it is found that the after a while, the sensor just stops working. And its not just the sensor, the home button becomes unresponsive. It simply doesn’t respond to touch. However, the other two capacitive keys on the side work well, which tells us that this is a specific issue with the fingerprint sensor mounted on the button.

Many users have reported this issue in forums worldwide, and the exact cause of an unresponsive Home button / dead Home button seems to differ from person to person. For some, the sensor seems to stop working after flashing the device. Its not uncommon for users to try out a new build or tweak their phones, and it should be fine on most devices. But it looks like you’ll be better off keeping the same old Oxygen OS on the OnePlus 2 if you don’t want to take the risk of an unresponsive fingerprint sensor.

Another major reason, which many reported to be the cause of the unresponsive home button is water. Some users have said that if you used the sensor with a wet finger, the sensor just stops working. For other users, things were just unfortunate as the button just stopped working after a while.

On a personal note, we have also faced issues with its fingerprint sensor, but its just occasionally. And the sensor is still working fine for us.

After many reports, OnePlus did try to fix the problem, but it seems that their steps have garnered limited success, at least for now.

First option is to reset your device. If it didn’t work, you should try clearing your cache service com.oneplus.fingerprint.service before resetting. Another option is to restore your device to the same OxygenOS version that it shipped with. This seems to solve the problem for most users. However, if your sensor stopped working after using it with a wet finger, you may have go a level further. It is said that some users have tried disassembling the device and removed the battery to make sure that the sensor is completely dry. But this isn’t something that everyone can try out so, if you are facing this issue, its best to contact the service center, or seller if you are within the return period.

This could be a software glitch, which we hope it is. Because, a simple future update can solve such a problem. For example, the company had updated the software to OxygenOS 2.0.2 back in September and the sensor worked much faster. However, if its a hardware glitch, then things will get much harder to fix. Anyways, lets see how OnePlus tackles this fingerprint issue. We will keep you updated with more information soon. Meanwhile, you can read more about the problem and possible workarounds from OnePlus Forums.

Let us know if you have faced issues with your OnePlus 2’s fingerprint scanner.


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