Doogee Valencia2 Y100 Review – Innovative Cheap Phone but…

by Linus 0

Today we are looking at a very cheap Doogee Valencia 2 Y100. This phone costs below $100 and it falls into cheap phones category. Find out if it is any good in our full review.

We wanted to say thanks to Focalprice for sending Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 for a review.

Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 Review: VIDEO

Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 Review: SPECS

5″ 720p (HD)
MTK6592, Octa-core, 1.4GHz
8MP Front/13MP Back
2.200 mAh (removable)
142.5 x 71.4 x 8.25mm
Android 4.4.2
8GB (expandable via microSD card slot up to 64GB)


Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 Review: UNBOXING

IMG_4913 IMG_4915
The Doogee phone comes in a usual box you would expect for a cheap device. The contents include a charging brick, USB cable, a pair of earphones, a screen protector and some paperwork.

Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 Review: DESIGN

IMG_4917 IMG_4920
When it comes to the design, we are looking at a compact 5” device and my review unit is in a flashy yellow colour.
The phone has an 8MP selfie shooter and all other usual stuff on the front top and on the bottom there are 3 non-backlit capacitive buttons.
The back is made of textured plastic and on the top we have a 13MP shooter with a single LED flash and a speaker grill.
On the right we have power on/off key and the volume rocker, which, however, feel a bit mushy.
On the left, there is a trio of LED lights and all of them are used for different tasks. I have to say that they look pretty good and I’ve never seen a phone with this type of implementation before.
On the top we have a headset jack, a charging port and on the bottom there is just a mic.
The back cover can be removed and underneath it you can find a removable 2200mAh battery, dual SIM card and the microSD card slots.
Overall, the phone has a decent build quality although it uses plastic in its construction and the buttons could have a better tactile feedback.

Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 Review: DISPLAY

IMG_5048 IMG_5040

Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 has a 5” 720p panel, which is pretty good for a cheap phone but not spectacular in general. It could definitely look sharper and the colours look more natural.

Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 Review: UI

As far as UI, we have an outdated Android 4.4.2 Kitkat with quite a heavy Doogee’s skin on top of it.
All the apps with the redesigned system apps’ icons sit on the home screens.
One of the selling points of this device is the back touch panel and it can be used for a variety of different things like scrolling up/down or to the sides, triggering the camera and so on.
However, I found the key feature of scrolling up/down not working at all as I could scroll only to the sides. Also, the double tap to access camera feature has become very annoying as I kept opening the camera accidentally.
Other features include gesture controls and they seem to be working well.
Overall, the UI of the Valencia 2 Y100 is fluid and responsive most of the times but there is just a bit of stutter from time to time. Also, turning off the back touch panel feature increases the overall UI performance significantly.

Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 Review: HARDWARE and PERFROMANCE

Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 has an octa-core MTK6592 chip with the clock speeds of 1.4GHz, 1GB of RAM and just 8GB of expandable storage (up to 64GB via the microSD card slot).
All these specs result in the okay gaming performance with not so impressive graphics but the stutter is just occasional, so it is still possible to enjoy some 3D gaming.

Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 Review: MULTIMEDIA

When it comes to the multimedia, there are no issues consuming Full-HD content. Also, the loudspeaker quality is pretty good for a budget phone.

Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 Review: CAMERA

Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 Review: IMAGE QUALITY

When it comes to the image quality, the 13MP camera does not impress.
The problem is that most of the images came out a bit blurry meaning that the camera struggles with focusing. Also, the pictures could have more details.
The good point is that the colours are pretty natural and the contrast levels are decent.
When it comes to the video recording, the footage does not impress either.

Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 Review: CONNECTIVITY

As far as connectivity, I have no major complaints but as usual with some MTK chips, the GPS lock speeds are not the fastest out there.

Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 Review: BATTERY LIFE

When it comes to the battery life, the 2200mAh unit can get you through the day if you are a light user as I was able to get around 4 hours of screen-on time (SOT) when doing basic tasks but the SOT decreased with more demanding tasks.

Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 Review: CONCLUSIONS

Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 is a phone that wants to be different in the budget devices category. Well, it succeeds at some points.
It is compact, lightweight and it has a flashy design. Also, Doogee tried to kind of innovate with the 3 LED lights on the side of the phone and they look nice.
However, the UI is not always perfectly smooth and while the back touch panel is indeed a great addition to the budget phones’ category, it simply does not work if you want to scroll up/down. Also, if the touch control feature is enabled, it alters otherwise decent UI performance.
Also, the camera leaves a lot to be desired with both image and video quality but it is hard to expect something significantly better in this price range.
All in all, Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 is an interesting addition to the cheap Chinese phones market but you have to take all the cons into consideration before making the purchase.