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Elephone M3 Helio P10 USB Type C for just $99

by shanos 5

elephone m3 silver

Having recently released their Elephone M1 and M2 all metal business phones, we have today received details of yet another Elephone series handset soon to join the range.

Elephone have once again chosen to go with an all metal body construction for the Elephone M3.

Other specifications have been improved and should hopefully stand the phone in good stead amongst its budget peers.

The addition of USB Type C connector and Mediatek Helio P10 (MT6755) processor on the Elephone M3, means that we will hopefully start to see other manufacturers also start to include higher specifications on their budget phones.

The renders show a good looking handset with 2.5d glass and nicely chamfered chassis along with a metal back that reflects the curvature of the 2.5d glass edges of the display. Hopefully when it is released the phone will look as good in person as it does in these renders (best not to forget that Elephone are the king of great renders but have not always managed to deliver what has been shown).

Another nice feature of the M3 is that it will ship with Android os6 Marshmallow, I just hope that the screen and cameras on the Elephone M3 will be of decent quality, if they can get those bits right this would be a great second handset.

Sow what do you think looking at the renders and the specs that we know so far and given the target price of $99 (£66) could this be going on your shopping list?

Please feel free to leave comments and questions below, I will keep you informed as and when I receive more information about the Elephone M3

Regards Shanos

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elephone m3 gold

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  • greg

    Hey people from Elephone, just dont make the same mistake Umi did in the Rome Model and please add 3G and/or LTE bands for America

  • Hopefully they will provide more info on bands soon, but reading up on the Helio P10 I found the following information that could be relevant The SoC also features an integrated LTE Category 6 modem with download speeds of up to 300 Mbps as well as 2 x 20MHz carrier aggregation. More significant is the inclusion of a CDMA2000 modem that allows MediaTek to make headway into CDMA cellular networks such as Verizon and Sprint.

  • Greg Jenings

    Elephone shows a great phone and then you have to wait for so long that phone becomes obsolete not to mention then after first delivery there is a great chance the elephone change the specification without letting you know and later only apologise for their lack of funding and giving you only credit of $5-10 to purchase their next phone.I wouldn’t recommend anyone investing their money on elephone especially through pre-sale orders.

  • Greg Jenings

    Not only that the high price of the phone is usualy till the pre-order stage and later they reduce it which is totally unacceptable .As I said earlier the complany is not able to supply phones as their P9000 and vowmey are still in production and their delivery dates are already pushed by another month.It is like investing your money and then wait forever to get any returns.Chines phone companies are not very professional though they offer cheap alternate.

  • Ahmed Shahzad

    Elephone M3 will comes with USB type C 🙂
    But i already have bought a Bluboo Maya at $69.99,The shipping of bluboo maya has already begins from 10th of july,Now i am just waiting to get it in my hands.