1byone Bluetooth Keyboard Review – The Coolest Keyboard?

by Linus 0

This is the review of a really awesome 1byone foldable bluetooth keyboard for smartphones, tablets and more. Find out more in the full review.

1byone Bluetooth Keyboard Review: VIDEO

1byone Bluetooth Keyboard Review: UNBOXING

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The device comes in a simple packaging and all you are getting is the keyboard itself,  some documentation and a charging cable.

1byone Bluetooth Keyboard Review: DESIGN and FEATURES

IMG_5353 IMG_5355
When it comes to the design, the exterior of the 1byone Bluetooth keyboard is made of metal and it is very well constructed.
The key feature is that the keyboard is very compact and that’s because it easily unfolds into a laptop sized keyboard. As far as the unfolding mechanism, it doesn’t seem to break any time soon.
As far as the actual keyboard buttons, they have a good tactile feedback and the keys don’t feel cheap. However, the spaces between they keys are narrower than on the typical laptop keyboard but once you get used to them, they work great.
They keyboard works with lots of devices that have Bluetooth connectivity.  I had no issues pairing it up and using with the iPad or Android smartphones.
One of the key features is the battery life, which is said to last up to 114 days on standby or 64 hours of continuous use. Well, I couldn’t test that but the keyboard didn’t die during my testing period.

1byone Bluetooth Keyboard Review: CONCLUSIONS

All in all, the 1byone Bluetooth keyboard looks good, works great and it is very compact when folded but it serves as a normal keyboard when unfolded.
The only shortcoming is that the keyboard didn’t re-connect to the iPad automatically a few times.
The price of $37 doesn’t make this device cheap but this solution is definitely worth checking out if you are in the market of compact Bluetooth keyboards.

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