QICENT 6 outlet power strip & surge protector with 5 smart USB ports review

by Linus 0

The market is full of power strips as a lot of manufacturers produce them. Thus, it may be hard to choose one and we are here to help you decide. Find out more in a QICENT 6 outlet power strip & surge protector with 5 smart USB ports review.


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The device comes in a neat packaging and all you are getting is the power strip itself and some instruction manuals.

Design and Features

The Qicent power strip is made of quality plastic and it sports excellent build quality. Here in the top side we have 6 US/China type power outlets.
That means that you can only use it with the devices bought from the U.S or China, or if you live in these countries. The more versatile power outlets that could accept EU and UK chargers would have made this power strip near perfect device.
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On the other hand, we have another set of ports – 5 USBs that are each capable of providing up to 2.4A of power output per port. In addition, each of the port uses some smart chips that automatically detect the device you plug in to charge it at the maximum possible speed.
A really nice addition is the power on/off switch. It may not be a big deal for a lot of users but I actually used it every evening before going bed as I like to fully power off the devices that are connected to a power strip in a quick way.
On the bottom there are 4 silicone pads to prevent the power strip from sliding on the table.
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The built-in 1.5m cable is long enough for convenient use and it also has a velcro strap which allows to fold the cable neatly.
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As soon as you power up the power strip, a blue LED lights up.
I have tested this power strip with numerous devices and each port/outlet is working absolutely fine. Also, the USB ports are indeed charging the devices fast, e.g. I was able to fully charge my Samsung Galaxy S6 edge in around 2 hours.


The Qicent power strip may not be the only option available on the market but it is indeed a great choice if you are looking for a lot of power outlets and USB ports in one package.
Also, the power strip is well made, it has a power on/off switch and 1 week long test results suggest that it works absolutely fine.
Finally, the Qicent power strip costs less than $28, which is really a great price for what it has to offer.