Xiaomi Mi 5: All the Confirmed Features So Far

by Joel 0

Xiaomi Mi 5 is confirmed to launch on February 24, which is just a few weeks away. Like tradition, Xiaomi and its executives have taken turns to reveal some of the features of the flagship, essentially confirming the specs that we will find on the device.

mi 5 product launch

Today, we take a look at those specs, which have been officially confirmed by them. So, when the Xiaomi Mi 5 launches on February 24, we know what to expect from the smartphone. Given that its executives have teased various features from the start of the year, we know quite a bit about the upcoming device.

mi 5 HD images 03


1. CPU: Snapdragon 820


Before January, we hoped that the Xiaomi Mi 5 came with the latest quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, which has managed to impress us so far in terms of performance.

Thanks to its Senior Vice President, Liwan Jiyang, we now know for sure that we will see this high-end chipset inside the device. Early January, he confirmed the CPU, which was soon reconfirmed by the CEO Lei Jun.


2. Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080p

Xiaomi Mi 5 Leak 02

Yesterday, Liwang confirmed yet another feature on the Mi 5 flagship, i.e. the screen resolution. Stating that 2K displays use up a lot of battery, he revealed that the company has decided to stick with FHD 1920 x 1080p resolution for the upcoming flagship smartphone. This is actually a great decision in my opinion since the screen size (not confirmed yet) is said to be only around 5-5.2-inches. Also, the phone will come with some high-end technology for its display, according to Liwang.


3. NFC


Xiaomi has finally decided to bring back NFC on its new flagship. In a screenshot posted by Lei Jun a few days back, we could see a large N symbol on the taskbar which basically confirms NFC on the device. Today, Liwang further confirmed NFC on the Xiaomi Mi 5 flagship via his official Weibo page.

NFC was a feature left out from the Mi 4, disappointing some fans. At the time of launch in 2014, Xiaomi’s CEO Lei Jun explained that the company decided to give up on the feature because only 1% of the consumers used NFC. But looks like the company believes that the feature is still needed for its users.


4. Dual SIM Slots

mi 5 screenshot

Although not a surprise, but we know for sure that the Xiaomi Mi 5 will feature dual SIM, thanks to the screenshot posted by the CEO.


5. Launch Date: February 24

mi5 at MWC

Well, this is not exactly a feature, but we know for sure that we will meet the Xiaomi Mi 5 flagship on February 24 at the company’s Spring Launch event.

We also know for sure, thanks to Global VP, Hugo Barra, that the phone will be showcased at one of the world’s largest tech expo, MWC (Mobile World Congress) in Barcelona, Spain.


So, these were all the features and information that we know about the Xiaomi Mi 5 confirmed by the company. Expect a lot more information about the flagship in the coming weeks before the official launch on February 24.