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LeEco Le 2 Concept Renders Reveal What The Phone Could Look Like

by Joe 15

LeEco has turned out to be one of those manufacturers who we all expect to release something revolutionary in the market. It’s not only because LeEco was the first company to announce a Snapdragon 820 powered flagship, but also because of the way the company has grown and attracted fans within a very short timespan. Phones from LeEco are affordable, feature rich and looks amazing.

le 2 concept 08

Although we haven’t really got our hands on the LeEco Le Max Pro flagship, mainly because it’s not yet readily available in the market, our eyes are all focused on the next phone from the company, namely the Le 2 flagship. This should be another device with Snadpragon 820 chip on board. But that’s not just what excites us. LeEco executive has said that the phone will come with some revolutionary technology. Moreover, according to recent rumors, the design of the phone will also be a lot different than previous releases, featuring a new body material like double glass design or ceramic.

le 2 concept 07

Now, 9to5Google has got their hands on some official Le 2 renders and they look pretty amazing. While these are just concept images for now, the source reveals that the design is basically what the company is aiming to provide with its upcoming phones.

le 2 concept 04

As you can see in the pictures, the Le 2 comes with a non-metal body, probably glass or ceramic. Then there’s a solid metal frame. Another highlight of the phone is the display which curves around the sides like the Galaxy S7 Edge. We have heard rumors about Samsung supplying its curved display panels to Chinese manufacturers, so this could very well turn out to be a reality.

le 2 concept 05

The phone also features a magsafe like charger on its USB Type-C port. Further, the concept phone is said to come with a fingerprint sensor that hides underneath the body. We know that’s possible, thanks to Qualcomm’s Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.

Well, this may just be a concept, but if the LeEco Le 2 flagship is anything like this in terms of looks, we could have a best seller. With Snapdragon 820 and other powerful specs, the phone seems to be one of the most anticipated devices of this quarter. Rumors say the release could be as soon as March, but we are yet to hear anything official about an event from the company.le 2 concept 06 le 2 concept 03 le 2 concept 02


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  • greg

    So , no X20 for the Le 2 ?

    • SheyMo

      820 probably for Pro & Max, and X20 for the normal ones.

  • Vaibhav Bansal


  • Ande Iliya

    this company is going high. good job welldone

  • Sam

    Nice as hell. If this is the phone I must have one.

  • tiktaktik

    If the actual phone looks like this, in my opinion its the best looking phone till date.

  • AshrafChopan

    I am returning my Le1s due to some display issues. Guess what, I think I am going to have Le2, which looks like a Real SuperPhone…

  • Nick

    Please let this be the phone.

  • sannicks

    if this is the phone, I’m sold 😀

  • trapchan

    well letv 1s design is above anything else on it’s price bracket. i hope the successor won’t disappoint.

  • Guaire

    Clearly fan made.

  • Steven Walters

    All I ask is that this is the phone. I will forget any other device.

  • XdaDev X

    it looks very nice but they TOTALLY f***ed up with that shitty charging block again apple ripoff .. why they ALWAYS MUST copy something from crApple? it is horrible company .. please STOP it .. Make your own idea Original !

    • I quite like the idea of a mag connector, i have a macbook and the amount of times my computer would have been sent flying by my kids knocking the changer is crazy. Also this would hopefully make for a more reliable connection. I doubt this render is real but if it is its a great looking phone the top and bottom chins are awesome.
      If they could pull it off then people over the world will be seing this phone pop up on their tech radars.

      • XdaDev X

        hate it just from point everybody know it’s crApples idea just usb c is ok .. lightning isn’t magnet and everybody loves it like some crazy posses ppl just bcos it is from craple.. fkn hate this