Dual Cameras On Xiaomi & LeEco phones Could Be Supplied By Samsung

by Joel 3

Dual cameras seem to be the new trend in the market. While Huawei has embraced this technology on almost all flagship smartphones of 2016, other Chinese firms like Xiaomi are also reportedly working on dual camera smartphones scheduled for launch in the second half of 2016. And guess who’s going to supply these Chinese companies with these modules? Samsung!

Huawei P9 dual camera

According to a new report from South Korea, Samsung will start supplying dual camera modules to two major smartphone companies, namely Xiaomi and LeEco from July this year. This fits perfectly with the rumors that we have been hearing about the Xiaomi Mi5S flagship and its dual camera setup. However, these two may not be the only manufacturers getting the module from Samsung, as even OPPO, whose smartphones are doing very well in China, is said to be a potential client.

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So, it looks like the market will soon be flooded with dual camera flagships. We have already heard rumors about the Mi5S and Mi Note 2 flagships coming with this setup, and now it looks like LeEco and OPPO phones are also going to feature dual cameras. While these phones may have the same supplier, i.e. Samsung, what would be really interesting to see is the optimizations done by each company in order to improve the pictures taken from the module.

Huawei has proved that it knows how to make the best out of its dual camera module, but we will have to wait and see Xiaomi, LeEco and OPPO’s take on this setup.

Xiaomi’s first dual camera phone should be the Mi5S, and we should see the smartphone sometime in the second half of this year.