Umi Max Takes on iPhone 6s in Battery Test Video

by Habeeb Onawole 3

Some Chinese manufacturers are known for comparing their phones against major brands in the market. Most times the phone they usually compare their phone against is usually Apple’s iPhone, comparing the camera, display, or battery life. This time it’s Umi comparing the Umi Max’s battery against that of the iPhone 6s.

UMi Max

Two days ago, Umi uploaded a video on Youtube of two women; one using the Umi Max and the other using an iPhone 6s and put them through a 5-hour battery test.

The test covered chatting (15 mins), camera usage (15 mins), web browsing (30 mins), E-book reading (30 mins), offline video watching (30 mins), phone calls (30 mins), gaming (30 minutes), music (1 hr), and instagram ming (1 hr).

Umi says at the end of the test, the Umi Max still had 45% of charge left while the iPhone 6s’ battery level was at 35%. Both phones had full charges before the test.

While the Umi Max clearly wins, it’s important to mention some important specs of both phones. The Max has a 4000 mAh battery, a 5.5” FHD screen, 3GB of RAM, and a Helio P10 SoC while the iPhone 6s has a 1715 mAh battery, a 4.7” 1334 x 750 screen, 2GB of RAM, and Apple’s A9 processor.

With less than half of the Umi Max’s battery, I don’t think the 6s did badly even though it has a smaller screen with a lower resolution.

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For a fraction of the price of a new iPhone 6s, you get a bigger screen, a larger battery, dual SIM slots, fingerprint scanner, HiFi Audio, and a SD card  slot. When the Umi Max launched over 2 weeks ago, it sold for $139.99, now it sells for $169.99. However, Geekbuying still has it for $139.99 and some sellers on Aliexpress still have it for $149.99. These prices are all pre-sale prices but Umi says the phones should start shipping soon.