Xiaomi Launches 299 Yuan ($45) Mechanical Keyboard: 87 Keys, Aluminium Body, TTS Red Switches

by Habeeb Onawole 4

Xiaomi took to its crowdfunding platform to announce the mechanical keyboard teased last week. The Xiaomi Mechanical Keyboard (official name still unknown) has a bunch of cool features and doesn’t break the bank.

The keyboard has 87 keys and keeps the dimensions at 358mm x 128mm x 31.6mm and weighs 940g. The keyboard has a 6-layer design and the body is made of an H32 aluminium alloy steel with an excellent finish and offers more wear resistance.


The keyboard is designed to be ergonomic, sporting a stand that props it up to an angle of 6° preventing your hands from aching wen using it for long hours. Its key caps are made of translucent poly-carbonate + ABS resin white color design. The characters printed on the keys are wear resistant and the caps can be replaced, allowing owners customise it to their preference.

The TTC Red Switches can withstand up to 50 million hits and is suitable for gaming. There is also a 32-bit ARM architecture STMicroelectronic master chip on board with a 1000MHz refresh rate, 1ms response time and support for up to 11 key presses without contradictions.

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The keyboard is fitted with 3528 LED lights with a 6-level brightness. You can choose the lights t0 be all-white or configure it to display an orange-white hue. It comes with basic keys like the windows button key, caps lock key, scroll lock key, and function keys. If you are interested, you should head over to the fundraising page here but note that shipping is expected to start until November 29.

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